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(Jun 02, 2016)

Tim McVey heads the firmís nursing home business which continues to expand throughout Illinois and into Indiana. The firmís trial schedule for nursing home matters is formidable.

The firm handles Illinois and Indiana litigation for various clients. Jon Sichtermann recently joined the firm as an associate. Jon is licensed in Indiana as is Eric Papier.

(Jun 01, 2016)

The firm coordinates or defends tort, product liability and insurance coverage litigation in 25 states. Mark Parsky heads regional counsel programs for various clients. The firm is national insurance coverage counsel for several corporations. The firm also has a unit dedicated to commercial contract review and analysis. The firm has in recent years been recognized as a Go-To Firm for a large corporate client.

In September, 2015, Mark Parsky spoke at the inaugural Chicagoland Risk Forum for the Chicago branch of RIMS on the topic of an Insurerís Reservation of Rights for an Additional Insured.



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